Horse: Grace, Dignity, Freedom, Spirit

Photo by Christine Mendoza on Unsplash

This post by animal communicator Penelope Smith illustrates what I have for so long felt about animals – that they are embodiments of universal qualities, for us to recognise and honour in ourselves.

Maybe this is why the patronus in Harry Potter fascinates many of us so much! I still get goose bumps when I read how Harry’s friends rescue him with their silver animals in the Battle of Hogwarts. Especially because he taught them how to summon their patronuses. This scene is more powerful with the understanding Penelope’s post provides.

Click here for Penelope’s full post, which includes a full channelling from Horse and a poem channelled by a woman who’s horse had died.

Excerpt from ‘How Horses Feel About Humans’:

We love who we are. We love the nature of our being. We delight in our sensuousness. This is what our companions, our human friends, feel in us, and rejoice as it percolates into their own forms. Then they remember that they are also free and dignified beings. We hold that grace in great honor.

For so long we have dwelled with humans and honored their need to be free to move like us in the wind…

All we ask is that we be honored as who we are. We ask that we be given the space to be our natural selves with you, so that we can transmit our greatest gift— the deepest love of who we are in ourselves. When we give this gift, we know that you too feel who you are.





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